My APA Research Study

Morse, G. (2009). Faculty application of the American Psychological Association style.  Journal of Nursing Education, 48(10), 542-551, doi:10.3928/01484834-20090610-10


APA Style Tutorial

Dear Visitors,

I hope you find the APA tutorial helpful. If you have any suggestions, please never hesitate to send me an email. And as always, happy writing!

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Dr. Gwen

Helpful Writing Texts for Your Library

Besides improving formatting of academic papers, the following texts are excellent additions to your library.

1) Williams, J.M. & & Colomb, G.C. (2010). Style: Lessons in clarity and grace (10th ed.).
2) Truss, L. (2008). Eats, shoots & leaves.
3) Strunk, W. & White, E.B. (2008). The elements of style: 50th anniversary edition.

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