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The PowerPoint tutorialreflects Office 2010. tutorials

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Microsoft® Office PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint is available as a stand-alone software product or as part of the Office Suite (Microsoft). If you don't have PowerPoint you can usually find the software available on University computers (libraries or computer labs), cybercafe's, community libraries, and maybe even a good friends' computer! If you are a student or a faculty member you can purchase PowerPoint at academic prices through Costco, Office Depot or sites such as:

Remember, copying someone's personally owned copy is illegal and it is better to buy your own.

Office 2010 and the "Ribbon"

Understanding the ribbon is important. The ribbon contains the commands and other menu items that were on menu and toolbars in PowerPoint 2003 and earlier. The ribbon is designed to help you quickly find the commands that you need to complete a task.


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