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Saving Your Presentation as a PowerPoint Show

So often people feel some anxiety presenting and there is one trick that can help you feel more comfortable and make you appear more professional!

If you will be giving your presentation in front of a "live" audience, save the file as a PowerPoint show, rather than as a PowerPoint "file" which is the default. This way when you load the file to the computer, all you need to do is click on the file once and the show will open. No fumbling by opening into PowerPoint, looking for the slide show icon etc.

You also can still edit the file, by opening up PowerPoint first, then click on the saved show which will open the file up into PowerPoint.

To save as a show, click on "File", then "Save As" (Image One). Drop down the rectangle window at the bottom and click on "PowerPoint Show". The file will be saved as a .ppsx file rather than a .pptx file. Pretty cool, huh!

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